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Soft Cotton

Soft, smooth and elastic are the three major characteristics of Soft Cotton

1.  Soft

The composition of Soft Cotton is 100% cotton, the reasons why it is so soft, because we have used 100% long-stapled cotton yarn to knot this fabric , and done enzyme processing to make the fiber more soft.

2. Smooth and good pilling resistance

Fleecy yarn which fluff has been removed, achieved the effect of smooth surface, so that this fabric has a very good pilling resistance.

3. Drapability and Durable Elasticity

After done a special treament of Super Soft, the fabric will being durable elasticity and dimensional stability, to touch it soft like “water”, but it is much better than normal cotton in drapability . Good elastic, no fold,good water absorption and effect of sweat.

This is one kind of the best fabric to make T-shirts, when you wear it , you will feel like cool water to go through your skin, so cooling, drapping and smoothing.

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